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I'm Gina and I'm a Brand-o-holic. I LOVE helping business owners, just like you, discover their brand uniqueness and help them shine.

I'm not new to this branding and marketing rodeo. In fact, I have been in the design industry for over 35 years and have worked on so many amazing projects along the way. 

First impressions are everything! It is true. Your potential customer will make a decision about your business ... and if they want to learn more ... in just 10 seconds (or less). 

But, how do you attract your Ideal Customer and then have them interested to learning more? That is where we come in.

friends don't let friends brand alone.

We meet you at the level of the brand you are in your business today and work collaboratively with you - getting to know you and your business - to create a strategic road map to attract your ideal customer and then help set you up for branding and marketing success.

Your branding is much more than creating a logo.

our difference

we partner

We don’t work in a vacuum.
 We work together as a team.

we strategize

You are unique. We create a strategy to help you stand out.

we create

We work with you to create the brand of your dreams.

we deliver

We deliver big ideas with a roadmap to get you noticed.

our story

it all began with a wild idea.

with visions of code dancing in his head

with design theory and name that font swirling in her head

It was the Spring of 1996 (with two young boys at home) when me (Gina) and my hubby (Leon) had the idea of translating our talents in interior design, graphic design and website development and started our marketing agency, O'Daniel Designs, in the Seattle Area. 

1996 was the Wild, Wild, West of designing, marketing, developing and communicating in a whole new way - digitally.

It was an exciting, new and challenging time. Changing (and oh, do I mean changing) so frequently that if you blinked you might be left in the dust having to catch up.

This was the start of the “You’ve Got Mail” era and dial-up (with the very distinctive dial up sound) and where computers were becoming more and more accessible for people to own. And, business owners were now able to communicate with people (their customers) in a new and exciting way. It was (and still is) a time to strategically push the boundaries on what can be done in our digital world.

Our journey has lead us to some exciting project through the years like creating all of the graphics in Expert Software’s “Brochures” and all of the fonts used in their McDonaldLand T-Shirt Fun Software Programs to creating highly secure database driven applications like Silver Cloud Inns and Resorts Guest Rewards Program. A big interior design dream of mine came true (but not as an interior designer) but, as a graphic, brand and website designer by  working with The Seattle Street of Dreams to develop their website and show graphics.  Throughout the years on our journey we also had the pleasure of being able to work on many, many cool projects by helping individuals and businesses of all sorts of industries around the world.

This journey also led me to help business owners starting with co-authoring and publishing my book Demystifying Graphic Design. From there, and my love to help business owners succeed with creating their brand identity and attract their ideal customers, I created more tools to help them including creating (and teaching) the Master Class - Brand Sparks and the product Brand Cards for daily brand promptings. I then created a self-study version of Brand Sparks Masterclass and released Brand Sparks as a self-study workbook. My educating business owners on strategic branding didn't stop there. I also had the pleasure of being a guest on radio shows, podcasts and have spoken in front of many business groups on the importance of creating a brand that gets noticed. 

We recently started O'Daniel Creative as a division of O'Daniel Designs because on our journey, that started over 27 years ago, we are so much more than a "basic design company" we are a creative, strategy driven branding and marketing company.

Whether we were working with soleprenues or business owners of small, medium or larger businesses, we have always started our project relationship with strategy. Because, without strategy, you are just throwing darts blindfolded and hoping to hit the bullseye.

a look back



We've been helping brands succeed for 27 years (but who's counting). Here is the timeline...


Started O'Daniel Designs - The web was still new and print was still printed on a press.

Created our first website of many, many, many more to follow.


Created all of the graphics for Expert Software's Brochures Software.

Created the fonts for Expert Software's McDonaldLand T-Shirt Fun Software.


Sponsors of Industrial Seminar 2000 in Stamford, CT. Leon spoke on the subject of the importance of creating and marketing a website for business.

see, dreams do come true! crazy, huh?


Co-wrote and published, Demystifying Graphic Design. A book to help business owners successfully work with their graphic designer.


Created Brand Talk TV. A series of videos with tips for business owners.


Created & Taught Brand Sparks Master Class.

Created Brand Cards - daily prompt cards for business marketing.

Moved into our new office space.

in with the new office...


Turned Brand Sparks Masterclass materials into a self-study workbooks to reach more business owners across the country.


Spoke at the Washington Bar Association to attorney's across Washington on the topic of Standing Out In Today's Marketplace.


O'Daniel Creative was born from the idea of being more than just a design agency - we are a creative brand strategy & marketing agency.

what an adventure its been!

We have helped business owners in many different industries, including: 

Financial Services

Retail Sales

Medical & Dental

Automotive Repair


Authors & Speakers


Building & Remodeling

Real Estate Agents

Hospitality & Travel


Pet Care


Business Coaches

Legal Services




Spa Services

Wealth Management


Home Organization

Interior Design

Event Planning

Artists & Galleries

Entrepreneurs like you.

Wondering if O'Daniel Creative can help you? We've worked with a WIDE range of industries, from doctors and lawyers and dentists to artist, florists, interior designers, and more traditional creative industries.

If you're wondering if we can help your business, click here to ask!  

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