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I believe that your business branding and marketing needs to work 

for you.

It needs to attract and get people to react ... in a good way. 

vanilla is just vanilla until you add the secret sauce and some


In our fast paced world filled with noise, being vanilla won’t cut it.

You might have a business that is similar to others but when it comes to marketing your business it is important to stand out and to appear different. This means finding your secret sauce, sprinkles and your cherry on top.

Showing your what makes you different from others who do what you do is everything.

We want to challenge you to think of your brand and how it is being marketed in a different way. A way that will make you stand out, get noticed and in turn make you a stronger brand.

your vision + our expertise =


Creating your brand should be should be fun and exciting and not scary or intimidating. 

Whether you are just starting out and creating your business brand for the first time or you are needing to re-brand because your current brand is no longer working to attract clients and customers, the process for both start with vision and strategy. 

We work collaboratively with you to discover your secret sauce (and colorful sprinkles) and create a strategic plan - just for you - that will bring that vision to life - turning your brand into something extraordinary. This is our superpower.

We are there for you every step of the way.











It all starts with


Did you know that it takes only 10 seconds for a person to make a buying decision about your business?

It is time to take a close look at your business and build a brand that is more than just a pretty face.

Creating a strategic brand is more than just creating a logo and website. It is about attracting the RIGHT people. It is knowing your people ... your customers ... and what is going to get them to act.

That is where we come in. We offer several ways to work with us for business’ marketing strategy including one-on-one and group coaching, strategy sessions. and online courses. Learn what is working now in the area of marketing to put you in the best position to attract your ideal customers.

make your 10 seconds work in your favor.


Discover Your


Being different is everything!

You have seen it. Brand after Brand, Website after Website. Marketing Piece after Marketing Piece from a particular industry where everything looks, sounds and tries to attract customers one particular way. 

In order to stand out you have to be unique.

Discovering what makes your businesses differences in an industry that is saturated with look alike businesses is important. Break the mold, and make some unique noise.

We work with you crafting your strategy and seeing your complete marketing plan come to life.

find what makes you are different.


Bring your brand to


Your goal is our mission!

We have a a team who have one thing on our minds - YOU and making your business stand out in a noisy marketplace.

Our team works collaboratively with you - getting to know you and your business, creating a strategic road map to attract your ideal customer and then your branding, marketing and website success. 

create a brand that is more than a pretty face.

We have helped business owners in many different industries, including: 

Financial Services

Retail Sales

Medical & Dental

Automotive Repair


Authors & Speakers


Building & Remodeling

Real Estate Agents

Hospitality & Travel


Pet Care


Business Coaches

Legal Services




Spa Services

Wealth Management


Home Organization

Interior Design

Event Planning

Artists & Galleries

Entrepreneurs like you.

Wondering if O'Daniel Creative can help you? We've worked with a WIDE range of industries, from doctors and lawyers and dentists to artist, florists, interior designers, and more traditional creative industries.

If you're wondering if we can help your business, click here to ask!  

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