It’s All About That Face

Spice Up Your Branding!

Welcome to a magnificent and marvelous adventure, where we’re about to embark on a journey to transform your brand’s visual identity into a dazzling spectacle.

So grab your sunglasses and put on your dancing shoes because we’re about to take your branding game to a whole new level of fun and excitement!

1. Free Is Not Always Good!
Ah, the allure of “free.” We’ve all fallen victim to its charm, only to find ourselves drowning in a sea of mediocrity. But fear not, I am here to guide you away from those treacherous waters. When it comes to creating your brand’s platform, steer clear of stock templates that scream “generic” and make your brand look like it’s lost in a time warp. Instead, work with a designer or find a custom template within your budget that you can sprinkle some branding magic on. Remember, a brand as extraordinary as yours deserves to shine!

2. Clip-Art Is So Last Season!
Picture this: you’re designing your marketing materials, and suddenly, you stumble upon a clip-art gallery that hasn’t seen an update since the ’90s. We can do so much better than that! Let’s aim for a polished and sophisticated look that leaves your audience in awe. Wave goodbye to in-program clip-art and embrace the allure of stock illustrations or breathtaking photographs that speak volumes and make a statement. And please, resist the temptation to resort to sneaky Google image searches—those images are not licensed for your fabulousness!

3. Picture Perfect: Strike a Pose!
Oh, the power of a well-executed photo shoot! It captures the essence of your brand and brings it to life like a burst of confetti at a grand celebration. But if your budget isn’t ready for the paparazzi just yet, fear not! Stock photography is here to save the day. Getty, iStockPhoto, Thinkstock, Shutterstock, Adobe Stock (just to name a few)—these stock imagery sites are a treasure trove of visual delights waiting to be discovered. Choose images that not only capture your brand’s essence but, also offer versatility across your marketing pieces. And, remember, size matters! Select the right resolution for print or web to ensure your visuals dazzle in every spotlight.

4. What The Font: Choose Your Style!
Ah, fonts, the unsung heroes of design. They have the power to elevate your brand’s message, to captivate and enchant with every letter. So, let’s ensure we choose wisely. While Comic Sans may have its place in the world (hello, elementary school children), we want fonts that exude sophistication and resonate with your brand’s personality. Select typefaces that make your audience swoon and are as easy to read as a juicy gossip column. Remember, typography is the haute couture of branding—let your choices sashay down the catwalk with style!

5. Align and Conquer: Be a Brand Superstar!
Picture this: your brand strutting confidently down the runway, turning heads, and captivating the hearts of all who lay eyes upon it. A consistent presence that mesmerizes your clients, potential clients, and brand partners alike. That is the power of alignment. Harmonize your messaging and look across all platforms—online and offline—creating a symphony of visual delight. Take a moment to evaluate where your brand stands and where you want it to go. Craft a master plan that will make heads spin and leave your competition in the dust. Remember, consistency is the key to conquering the hearts of your audience!

6. Email Address Success: Glam Up Your Communication!
Ah, email addresses, the unsung heroes of modern communication. But let’s not settle for anything less than absolute glamor and professionalism. Leave those free or almost-free email addresses in the dressing room, where they belong. We want you to exude the confidence of a true business diva! Bid adieu to Hotmail, AOL, Gmail, MSN, Comcast, and any other email extensions that scream “amateur hour.” Instead, embrace the elegance of branded email addresses—ones that bear the name of your fabulous business website. It’s like donning a designer gown, radiating class, sophistication, and an unmistakable aura of professionalism. And here’s a little secret: You don’t even need a working website to rock a branded email. Simply purchase a domain name and add an email service to instantly elevate your communication game to the next level. Trust me, your clients and potential clients will take notice!

7. Domain Name – The Secret to Timeless Elegance!
Ah, the domain name, a digital masterpiece that paints a picture of your brand’s online presence. When selecting and purchasing your domain name, remember that longevity is the key to timeless elegance. Lock it up for five years or more, showing the world—and dear old Google—that you mean business. Just like investing in a timeless piece of jewelry, this strategic move will make your search engine rankings soar, setting you apart from the fashionably late arrivals. So, embrace your domain name with a fierce determination, as it becomes the cornerstone of your online empire.

And there you have it, my fabulous friends—seven marvelous tips to infuse your branding journey with an extra dose of fun and flair. Now armed with these sparkling nuggets of wisdom, go forth and conquer the world of branding with style, confidence, and a touch of pizzazz.

Let your brand’s visual personality shine like a disco ball, captivating hearts, turning heads, and making your competitors green with envy.

Strike a pose, for you are destined to be a star in the dazzling galaxy of branding. Remember, when it comes to brand faces, yours is the one that will steal the spotlight and make your brand the talk of the town. So, go on, sashay your way to success, and let the world witness the extraordinary power of your brand’s enchanting face!

In the immortal words of the fabulous RuPaul, “Good luck, and don’t f**k it up!”

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