Authenticity Is Queen

Have you felt a bit of a shift in the business universe? Specifically, the law of attraction when it comes to attracting customers. If you have, you are not alone.

With your brand and all of its elements that create the look and feel of your business being King – Authenticity is now Queen.

The old rule of generating business was to draw in potential clients by relating to their pain. It was drilled into all of our heads, “What’s their pain point?”. That was because you and your business had the solution to solve their pain. True, you still can solve their pain point, but no longer is that enough to draw in a potential customer. You now have to be authentic … in other words – relatable and real. This is true if you are building a personal brand or a corporate brand. This is because in both cases, you are in “The People Business”.

People Do Business With People

I know we have all heard the phrase “People do business with people they know, like, and trust”. This is a phase that is more important than ever. Whether your business is a brick-and-mortar or an online shop, a portion of your day is filled with “Being Social”, not just in person but online in the social media realm. It is important to be “real”, show some behind-the-scenes action, ask questions, answer questions, and be part of the conversation. Yes, that includes becoming comfortable taking that selfie, showing that video, and even “Going Live” on Facebook and Instagram.

Why Is This Important?

In this new (kind-of new) “Wild, Wild Authentic West”, you become relatable – and in turn, your brand and business becomes relatable. It is important that your authentic self aligns with the brand you are building.

It is still, however, important that you don’t air your “dirty laundry” on your social media outlets to make yourself relatable. When you are taking that selfie or videoing yourself (live or recorded) – be aware of your surroundings. Clean off our desk, put away the dirty dishes on the counter, and yes, put the mound of laundry that may be in your camera’s eye in another room. Be authentic, but don’t be distracting. You still need to be “on brand” in social media land.

6 Social Tips For Building An Authentic Brand …

  1. Be strategic with your business. Your business’s look, feel, “vibe” and talk has to match your brand to be relatable.
  2. Be authentic. Let your social media followers, potential customers, and even those quiet business stalkers take a tour behind your businesses’ doors to see for themselves “the you” that makes your business unique and relatable to them, and to others like them.
  3. Be giving. Answer questions when you can. Solve a person’s small problem just because you want to be helpful. As the old proverb goes, when you show love, the universe will remember and reward your generously.
  4. Be curious. Ask questions that are thought-provoking to begin a conversation. Who knows, you may make a new friend.
  5. Be frequent. Set a social calendar to help you be social. Try to post something once a day (4 times a day if you can). Don’t let this stress you out. Each social media platform has ways that you can schedule posts for times when life gets busy. This helps you to not be “out of sight, out of mind”.
  6. Be Fun. Don’t forget that making new friends is fun. Show the fun side of your business and what makes you and your business uniquely you.

So don’t let being authentic and posting on social media make you nervous. Just “be you” and have fun. Social Media Land is out there waiting to meet you.

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